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The Company

Bernardello Luigi is a company operating in the agricultural sector, specialized in the production of plastic film-covered greenhouses for horticulture and floriculture. We offer to our customer turnkey solutions with irrigation and fertirrigation systems and with fixed or mobile growing benches.

The company has developed skills and competencies, which enable it, with its advanced machinery and with its qualified staff, to offer high quality products. The production cycle takes place entirely within the company starting from design with the client until the customized realisation.

The choice of the materials needed for our products allows us to satisfy the needs of every kind of customer. Listen small and big customer has allowed us to create an important wide-ranging experience, which have helped the development of our company.

The continuous search of new solutions, the ability to offer useful and functional advices to our customers in order to grow their competitiveness, make our firm from more than twenty years an important reality for all the companies in horticultural and floricultural industry.